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Is our future a subscription based one

Subscription models have come so far, and there are many services which you can subscribe to, but imagine if you could subscribe to anything from autonomous shopping deliveries to how you holiday. What else could be subscription-able and would a fixed monthly fee world help or hinder us?

Predictive shopping

No one likes having to do the weekly shop, in stores or online. The stores of the future will deliver you ingredients, meals and household items when you need them for a fixed monthly fee. With the ability to predict what you will need and when you need it (maybe even before you realise) can reduce waste and daily frustrations of running out of products whilst maintaining your household budget.

Car ownership; a thing of the past

Car technology is exploding with a new wave of innovation in electric engines and advancements in driver assist and autonomous driving technology. Leasing your car is becoming the only way you can keep up with these innovations in the short term. In the longer term, we will pay a monthly fee to get from place to place by the best mode of autonomous transport taking into account our travel time, budget and location. Owning a car that is utilised just 10% of the time is likely to become a distant memory in the future.

Subscription holidays

As school summer holidays start we see how the travel market reach its high costs with demand at peak. What if you paid a fixed fee per month that covered your holidays for the year. City breaks, nights away, the school holiday summer break but using knowledge of the near real-time global travel market your holiday subscription could work out where has availability and where fits your desires meaning you get to go where you want and when you want without the hassle of searching for deals across thousands of providers.

High-speed satellite internet everywhere

With our phone contracts and data use already within a monthly subscription model are we as consumers ready for something new. As current telecom services from dominate providers provide bad customer services, patchy coverage and confusing roaming agreements can a global spanning satellite network that gives us fast, reliable connectivity to anywhere in the world for a fixed monthly fee be the thing that opens new opportunities and connects everyone on the planet.

Clothes are rented and recycled

Summer, winter or the new season, 80% of our wardrobes don’t get touched 70% of the year, and when the next season comes around, it’s out with the old and in with the new. With an ever-growing fast fashion market will environmental changes result in us renting our clothes rather than buying them. You pick your items based on your size, styles and then items arrive, and when you are done with them (the next day, week or year) they get returned and new items arrive ready for the winter season.

No more overflowing cupboards or garages

Kids go through things so quick, from toys, bikes and even clothes, what if you could subscribe to being a parent. Hiring their bike at the size that works for them for as long as they need it before returning and getting the next size up, this is already starting to happen with Hope Technology and their Hope Academy.

As kids grow so do their likes, moving on from CBeebies to CBBC and it’s out with paw patrol and in with Dragons — Defenders of Berk and this means a bag of toys for the local charity shop. As kids only utilise their toys 20% of the time and, apart from those that get destroyed, toys stay in good condition. What if a box arrived each month for you to send any toys that aren’t being used and then a week later new toys arrived enabling toys to be circulated rather than ending up in landfills around the world.

Keeping up with our tech needs

The pace of technology continues to increase and with most devices becoming thin clients and the power of the cloud driving our ability to do more with technology. Therefore we should make sure we have the right tech for the job, working out of your office doing video editing for the month, a high powered desktop would be best, travelling between meetings and working from home then a laptop with a good battery would be a better choice. Or are you going of the main track then maybe something waterproof or cheap in case you lose it.

You pay a monthly fee, and you can get the hardware you need when you need it. As your data is all in the cloud you can load, reset, wipe and send back devices giving you the tech you need without having to buy it all at once or add to landfills after a few years when the latest piece of kit comes out.

Cosmetics personalised for you

Running out of any makeup is always a pain, and monthly subscriptions of cosmetics are hard to manage when your changing your products throughout the year. Subscribing for all your cosmetics in one place could ensure you never run out again. Using your photo, you can also be sent different types or shades to ensure you’re using the correct products for your skin at that time of year. Birchbox and Glossybox have already started this subscription model with samples, so we are not that far from a personalised makeup counter in our homes.