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8 apps your CIO should get you using

Password managers

If you have to remember passwords for online systems at work, you need to get out of 1990’s, as a company you should be using password managers; either at company level or you should be championing the use of password managers to ensure the integrity of the data you are obliged to protect.

Video support responses

Do you work on the operational side of customer services? Do you want to use tech that is going to increase engagement and speed up responses to issues? Try bonjoro, an easy way to answer support queries using personalised video responses and once the issue is resolved to turn them into a video Q&A site for others to use.

Mental health is everyone’s responsibility

Anyone can become stressed at work, and mental health is not something companies should be taking lightly. A 10 min calm meditation can happen anywhere that is quiet, it can completely reset an individuals mind which is so crucial for their health but also from a companies point of view. By giving that person 10 minutes to reset they will come back to the day more relaxed and with a clearer mindset to carry on with their day which also helps the rest of their team too.

Keep you ahead of the game

Medium is a great place to find articles on any topic to help you develop your skills, or if you are trying to figure something out yourself it is a lovely place to experiment, and has an excellent interface for writing.

10x your time

Writing a piece of content and need something proofreading but no one is about, maybe fiverr can help (you probably don’t want to do this with the quarterly meeting minutes but ideal for things you can automate). Can you 10x your role by outsourcing micro tasks so you can get on with the things that will add value to you and the business?

Protecting your companies data

Sometimes our jobs take us all over the world but travelling the world using free or open WiFi can put data at risk. If you are not on a company VPN then you need F-Secure FREEDOME VPN to protect the data you are accessing, it’s not yours to risk.

Making project management easy

Yes, we all know that project management is a process that no one likes especially working with gannt charts that constantly change and go out of date. Asana makes it as easy as it can be for a small team (even if you’re in a larger company), There are other options to you if asana is too much, why not try something like wunderlist to help keep you on top of your tasks for the day.

Communicate more effectively

Writing does not come naturally to everyone and with papers, documents and emails that we all need to write at one time or another we should take advantage of tools to support us in doing this. Tools such as Grammarly are great especially if everyone is busy around you. Grammarly is powered by AI, detecting grammar, spellings, punctuation, reviewing word choice and writing style making suggestions of recommended changes based on algorithm flag. Grammarly aims to help people communicate more effectively.

Prototyping is not just for designers

Regardless of whether or not you are a designer, being able to prototype an idea you have had and make it clickable will help you get your message across to your peers. Prototypes are a great way to get buy-in from where it is needed, whether it is a project sponsor or the team who will be building it. It is an excellent way for people to visualise it and understand the concept to ask the right questions.

Listening is the new reading

Everyone takes in information differently and gaining the latest knowledge is going to help you keep on top of your industry, this is why listening is the new reading for some people. We feel that companies will soon take advantage of this and start to deliver their monthly or quarterly statements to staff via a podcast or audio based experience.