• Chatbots are not helping your customers
    The expansion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been rapid in recent years with chatbots being one of the most accessible tools for companies to tap into. However, what is a chatbot?
  • Can AI be blamed for price fixing?
    What is in AI’s black box, how regulation of developing algorithms in AI isn’t ready for the current evolution, the tendency for AI algorithms to collude on pricing, and what impacts manipulating this technology could have on your brand.
  • Is our future a subscription based one
    Subscription models have come so far, and there are many services which you can subscribe to, but imagine if you could subscribe to anything from autonomous shopping deliveries to how you holiday.
  • The rise of communication tools and banning email
    The rapid rise of the email as a major communication tool has led to a love-hate situation. We love being able to communicate with people thousands of miles away in an instant and are expected to send more than 300 billion emails a day by 2021
  • How playing games is making artificial Intelligence smarter
    For years people have talked about the risks of playing computer games, but now there’s a great reason to keep on gaming. With recent advances in AI technology, video games now provide the perfect setting for artificial intelligence to train.
  • Are popup shops redefining retail?
    It seems like the UK’s high streets have been in decline for decades but, in the last few years, a new type of retail in the form of pop-up shops is starting to take the UK market by storm.
  • Can personalisation be privacy focused
    Contrary to what might be expected, we will find that increased privacy does not need to lead to a reduction in revenue and that an increased focus on privacy in conjunction with personalisation can drive revenue making conversations.
  • Can AI help you make better social posts
    Whether you’re an aspiring Instagram influencer or you want to take your business’s marketing strategy into the 21st century, the importance of artificial intelligence is impossible to ignore.
  • The positive uses of the technology behind deep fakes
    The development of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) has meant that artificial intelligence can now be used to create fake images based on combining and superimposing existing images onto source images or videos.
  • Do people think about sending emails if they can see their mood?
    Email plays a massive part in all our lives in both work and at home. There are 4.6 billion accounts worldwide but only 2.7 billion email users. Figures suggest that around 212 billion business emails are sent/received daily.
  • Can you detect tailgating in your workplace?
    Tailgating continues to be the largest physical security risk affecting workplace access, this type of social engineering can affect anyone from the CEO to the outsourced cleaning firm.
  • Will people use voice assistance when on holiday in a hotel ?
    Voice has been making a big impact in households. 72% of people who own voice-activated speakers say that it now forms part of their daily routines. 43% say that it is quicker than going to a website or using an app.
  • 8 apps your CIO should get you using
    Be more secure and more productive
  • Retail is changing
    The rise of e-commerce and the reported slow down of the high street is painting a mix of opinions for the retail sector, but we all know retail as we currently know it is changing. But what is next?
  • Adding vision and speech inside your business
    Over the last five years, the scale of cloud compute power, and the exponential growth of available training data for machine learning algorithms has created a viable business model for the technology platforms we all know and love.
  • What technology can help you find the best AirBnb based on things you need?
    Recently we have been looking at an experimental labs feature of Microsoft Cognitive Services called Project Wollongong. This API enables you to rank physical locations based on an attractiveness score.
  • How complex is creating a one line voice skill?
    What if we made it as easy as just asking Alexa? Well, that is precisely what we did. We created a skill that enables you to check when and which bins are being emptied next for residents of Bournemouth.